Wiki Tables

So I found the need / desire to place tables side by side in

I successfully got the tables working how I wanted them, however I noticed a few issues.  The first issue is that the tables aren’t maintained when you break them across lines by the ‘||’ tag.  i.e.


does not parse the same as


But that’s understandable, given how parsing engines work.. And the only time this becomes a hassle is when you want two or three or even four tables side by side, you have to write them as one large table which tends to take up several lines for one row of tabular data.

But one idea I propose is to create a shortcut for <style=”border:none”>.  Similar to how:  <#000000> is a shortcut for <style=”background:#000000;”>  and how <50%>  is a shortcut for <width:”50%”>  which is a shortcut for <style=”width:50%;”>.

That would make it a little easier and a little clutter than seeing a line such as:

||<style="border:none">||<style="border:none">||<style="border:none">|| dataHere || DataHere ||

And make it something more like:

||<nb>||<nb>||<nb>|| dataHere || DataHere ||

where <nb> = no border.

Another idea would be for the tables to actually be floated next to each other…but in the few attempts I had with the floating, it didn’t seem to work.  So if that does work, then I just may have overlooked something.  Hrm.

Food for thought. Tis all.


One thought on “Wiki Tables

  1. NoOne says:

    Moin table markup is a crime against humanity to begin with.

    The best way to handle floating is to break down and style it manually.

    Actually, simply being able to embed some sort of at the beginning of a page would make it a lot simpler (for a number of things), you could give yourself rules regarding table elements and things, getting rid of borders with a few lines for the entire page.

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